Deepen the Impact Your Stories Have On Readers

As Christian writers, we want to move readers' hearts with themes that resonate.

Do your stories have that impact on readers?

It's easy to unknowingly write stories that fail to move readers because their themes are trite or bland.

Learn the three-step process I use to impact readers without turning them off.

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What's Inside

  • An explanation of the three-step process I follow to write meaningful stories.
  • Examples from these steps from a variety of classic and modern stories.
  • Tips for how to execute each step in the process well.

About Me

Josiah DeGraaf

I am a high school English teacher, the editor-in-chief of Story Embers, and the fiction content manager for The Young Writer.

My goal is to help writers craft stories that both teach and delight their readers. The best stories, after all, are both entertaining and meaningful. And so, over the past seven years, I've been helping writers accomplish this through my work at Kingdom Pen, the Young Writer, and Story Embers.

I would love to help you learn how to do the same as well.

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