Fantasy meets Superheroes


Enter the world of Morshan, where medieval superheroes face nail-biting choices.

Some overcome and some, like the rich young ruler, waver.

Which ones will rise to become true heroes?

Meet the Tarnished Superheroes of Morshan

Check out a few of the short stories in my Visions of Grandeur collection.

The First God-Blessed

A ruler must decide how much she’s willing to do to protect her people from terrorists.


An idealistic guard must learn to become a detective in order to catch a murderer.

A Heretic’s Sacrifice

When a shapeshifter accidentally incriminates an innocent man, can he save both of their lives?

Meet Josiah

Josiah DeGraaf loves crafting fantastical stories about characters who face the same dilemmas we do when we try to do the right thing. He’s also a sucker for good illustrations in books.

He grew up enthralled by the bellowing fierceness of Beowulf, the heartfelt longings of the mythological Greek heroes, and the tragic nobility of the Arthurian knights striving to live out Christian virtues. Their exploits didn’t come easy. But they (and readers) had the chance to learn from their successes and failures.

He writes because he wants to see more of these kinds of stories out there in the world.

Begin Your Journey

A forgotten widow who can change the future must choose between two terrible options.

An idealistic guard has to destroy his reputation to stop a murderer.

A plucky shapeshifter has to save a man he accidentally incriminated.

These are the god-blessed of Morshan.

And they’re about to learn how supernatural powers can be both a blessing and a curse.

Which ones will rise above themselves to become the heroes they’ve longed to be?

And whose visions of grandeur will turn into fruitless dreams?

Fantasy fiction meets superheroes in this short story collection.

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