Chronicles of Morshan Story Premise

What if superheroes existed in a fantasy world?

What if you could only become a superhero by pledging your allegiance to a deity?

And what if most of these superheroes only used their powers for themselves?

Over the next year, I plan on publishing a number of short stories all set in the world of Morshan, which explores what would happen if the above hypotheticals became reality.

Read the story premise below.

Story Premise

Seventy-three years ago, the land of Morshan was on the peak of a new golden age. Gunpowder had been discovered, new agricultural techniques had been mastered, technology was at a high point, the kingdoms of the land were finally united, and the future could only be moving upward.

Then the gods descended.

Each god began offering noteworthy individuals a promise: serve one god above the others and they would be blessed with powers beyond human reckoning. To some was offered power over body. To others power over mind. To others power over nature.

Few who were offered these powers refused.

And society fractured.

It turns out the old saying of Morshan holds true: power always reveals what a man truly is like. And the essence of man is not kind. Within a matter of months, the unified land had broken up into warring factions, each led by one of the “god-blessed” trying to claim power for themselves. Within a matter of years, those factions had themselves split up into fiefdoms and sub-factions, countless lives and technological advances destroyed in the bloody aftermath.

Now, the once-prosperous land is a shadow of its former self. God-blessed war with each other in the ruins of a past civilization of glory while most peasants try to keep their heads low, serve a god-blessed who will protect them, and mind their own business.

But hope is not yet lost. There are still some who wish to use their powers for good. In the center of the shattered empire, a small group of god-blessed calling themselves the Heralds seek to reclaim the ancient ideals of chivalry and heroism for themselves.

But the times are dark and would-be heroes must face many enemies.

Time will tell if this is a new beginning for Morshan or one last dying gasp.

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Fantasy Meets Superheroes

Enter the world of Morshan, where Medieval superheroes face nail-biting choices.

Some overcome and some, like the rich young ruler, waver.

Which ones will rise to become true heroes?

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