Finishing My Short Story Collection

Over the past several years, I’ve written a variety of short stories for my Visions of Grandeur short story collection.

I’ve occasionally added new stories to the collection.

But next month, this collection will come to a close.

On March 16th, I’ll be releasing two final stories:

The first tells the story of Christof, a young Herald whose attempts to impress his traveling comrades take an unexpected dark turn.

The second tells the story of Sindar, a Herald who’s shown up before in the collection. In this story, he’s tasked with stopping a notorious shapeshifter when it returns to steal the blood of the other god-blessed. But Sindar knows something everyone else doesn’t: he was the wrong person chosen for this job.

Both stories will round out my short story collection exploring the heroes who strive and the heroes who waver.

And I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Of course, this won’t be the last time I’ll be visiting the world of Morshan. I still have several plans in place for future novels and novellas.

But this will conclude what you might call my first foray into the world of Morshan.

The book will still remain exclusive to readers like you who sign up for my email list.

And I look forward to sharing the complete short story collection with you once March 16th rolls around.

Fantasy Meets Superheroes

Enter the world of Morshan, where Medieval superheroes face nail-biting choices.

Some overcome and some, like the rich young ruler, waver.

Which ones will rise to become true heroes?

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