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A Study of Shattered Spells

This March, I’m releasing my debut novel: a magic school story told from the teacher’s perspective.

As a former classroom teacher, I know how much happens behind-the-scenes at a school that students don’t know about.

This novel features:

  • A magic school teacher who can’t do magic herself
  • Behind-the-scenes schemes amongst the teachers
  • A music-based magic system set in the jungles
  • A protagonist who has to learn how to protect her students from sexual harassment
  • Dark academia vibes without the R-rated content

Apply below to join the launch team if you’d like to help me spread the book (and in exchange, get special behind-the-scenes access)!

About the Book

A former mage is tasked with training a hero prophesied to save her country—even though she’s never taught anyone before.

A prophesied hero “believes his own press” and thinks that his “Chosen One” status means he can treat his fellow classmates however he wants.

A head mage of that school wants to cover up the prophesied hero’s faults so both the boy and the school can maintain a pristine image.

A group of students is tired of being pushed around by bullies and are ready to take things into their own hands.

And a first-year teacher is about to decide she’s going to actually try and address the sexual harassment happening at the school instead of sweeping them under the rock.

How the Launch Team Works


Apply to join the launch team. If you’re accepted, I’ll invite you to join a private Slack channel!


Spend 30-60 minutes a week for participating in launch activities (see below).


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the story–along with a mention in the acknowledgements!

Launch Activities Could Include…

(Note: You don’t need to do all of these to participate! This is a list of the possible things you could be doing as a part of the launch team.)

  • Participating in some brainstorming calls before the book launches
  • Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the novel
  • Buying a copy of the book
  • Leaving a review
  • Posting about it on social media
  • (Mention how many months this is for)

Why Join a Launch Team?

With thousands of new books published every week, it takes a lot for a new book to stand out from the crowd.

I love magic school stories with dark academia vibes that tackles big issues. But many of these books have R-rated content—and the protagonists may not always be terribly heroic.

I wanted to craft a story that provides a fresh perspective on the magic school setting so many of us love.

And I also wanted to tackle the challenging themes present in dark academia stories (in particular, sexual harassment) in a way that helps readers know how to better face these challenges when they emerge in their own lives.

I know a lot of Christian Millennials who struggle to stand up for what’s right in the right way. And I wanted to write this story for them.

But it’s hard to get the word out by myself.

Your support will help me get this book out into the hands of more Christian readers eagerly looking for this kind of story who wouldn’t otherwise find it.

Want to Join the Launch Team?

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