Should We Really Try to Find the Gospel in Fictional Stories?

You’ll find no shortage of articles talking about “The Gospel According to [Insert Popular Franchise Title Here].”

New takes on classics like C. S. Lewis’s Narnia and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings make for easy pitches. But you’ll find plenty of evangelical pieces doing this with the Harry Potter seriesvarious Marvel filmsGame of Thronesthe new Barbie movie—and yes, even TwilightEarlier this month, Rick Warren’s church made the news for their pastors cosplaying while presenting a Toy Story sermon series.

All these evangelical engagements beg the question: Should Christians comb through popular films and novels trying to find parallels between these and the gospel narrative? Or does this approach become tiresome or even lead to danger?

Read the rest of my article for Lorehaven here.

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