The Mandalorian is a Religious Fundamentalist, and Here’s Why That’s Awesome

I doubt I’m alone when I say The Mandalorian is one of the best developments in quite a while for live-action Star Wars.

After the disjointed travesty of Disney’s sequel film series, the adventures of Mando and his random assortment of human and alien allies has recaptured much of the allure, atmosphere, and characters that gave Star Wars its success.

To put it simply: The Mandalorian is fantastic.

But since the Disney+ series released its second season, I’ve been mulling on Mando’s significance as a religious fundamentalist. That identity leads to many fascinating questions as we follow Din Djarin’s character arc over the course of season two.

Read the rest of my debut article for Lorehaven here.

Fantasy Meets Superheroes

Enter the world of Morshan, where Medieval superheroes face nail-biting choices.

Some overcome and some, like the rich young ruler, waver.

Which ones will rise to become true heroes?

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