Three Types of Books I Don’t Regret Reading in High School

I got to talk about some of my favorite books and get published by the Rebelution today. What more could I ask for? As a former high schooler and current high school English teacher, here’s the sorts of books I most benefited from reading during my high school years!

I spent a lot of time reading in high school.

Not everything was worth reading.

It wasn’t reading books with problematic content. But I read many forgettable books that didn’t impact my spiritual or intellectual life.

It isn’t bad to read books just because they’re enjoyable—in moderation there’s a value in stories that offer simple entertainment. But the best books not only delight us, but also teach us valuable insights about the nature of God’s reality.

Here are three types of books I don’t regret reading during my high school years…

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Fantasy Meets Superheroes

Enter the world of Morshan, where Medieval superheroes face nail-biting choices.

Some overcome and some, like the rich young ruler, waver.

Which ones will rise to become true heroes?

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