Visions of Grandeur

(and Other Stories)

A forgotten widow who can change the future must choose between two terrible options.

An idealistic guard has to destroy his reputation to stop a murderer.

A plucky shapeshifter has to save a man he accidentally incriminated.

These are the god-blessed of Morshan.

And they’re about to learn how supernatural powers can be both a blessing and a curse.

Living morally was easy when their lives were normal.

But now that they’re gifted, they carry additional responsibilities–and face impossible dilemmas.

How far are they willing to go to save lives?

And whose visions of grandeur will turn into fruitless dreams?

Medieval superheroes face a variety of heart-breaking dilemmas in this illustrated short story collection.

What Readers Say

“This collection journeys through the labyrinth of human nature, and raises better questions than are initially asked. For seekers of adventure and truth, the world of Morshan is for you.”

Katherine Briggs
Author of The Eternity Gate

“I’ve been searching for contemporary works like this for a while now—stories that entertain yet provoke thought, are creative yet full of sustenance. These short stories touched upon a few things that I’ll be thinking about for a while.”

Anna F.
“When you give all-too-real characters staggering powers, what do you get? You get Visions of Grandeur and a sweaty reader on the edge of their seat.”
Daeus Lamb
Author of God of Manna

About the Collection

The world of Morshan emerged from combining two different genres: fantasy fiction and superhero stories. 

But it also stemmed from a question: if the average person in the world really did have the chance to become a superhero, how would they actually use their power?

We all like to think of ourselves as people who would use power for good.

But our own selfish desires often deceive us, and we find ourselves making decisions we later regret.

This short story collection is about the heroes who strive and the heroes who fail.

It’s about characters who learn to rise above their own longings to make truly heroic decisions.

And it’s also about characters who waver and, like the rich young ruler, can’t quite bring themselves to do what needs to be done.

Dive into the short story collection to discover the stories of the god-blessed.

(And yes, there are several interior illustrations like the one on this page! Because unique fantasy worlds ought to be visually depicted.)

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